I am horned to make a brief introduce of FAG bearing cross reference in this article.

Generally speaking, FAG bearing cross reference mainly consist of three parts:

Ball bearing cross reference
Roller bearing cross reference

Thrust bearing cross reference

Take Ball bearing cross-references for instance:

1.   Radial ball bearings will accommodate moderate to heavy radial loads and low to moderate thrust loads in either direction.
2.   Deep groove radial bearings are manufactured as open type bearings fo r oil o r grease lubrication. They are also available with metal shields and/o r seals fo r use where moderate contamination is present in the operation.
3.   Angular contact bearings are single row types used where radial and thrust loads are combined in the same application. They provide sufficient internal clearances to assume a specific contact angle under thrust loading and are available with angles of 15, 30 and 40 degrees.
4.   Double row bearings are manufactured both as filling slot and Conrad types, in light and medium series. The filling slot type has higher load capacity but the Conrad type provides a quieter operation and should be used when noise is a consideration.
5.   Self-Aligning bearings are manufactured with two rows of balls and one continuous spherical raceway in the outer ring. This allows fo r limited misalignment of the shaft and housing.
6.   Maximum capacity bearings are filling slot type bearings used in applications involving heavy radial loads and low speeds where thrust loads are comparatively low. The inco rpo rated filling slots in the inner and outer rings so they can be loaded with additional balls fo r greater capacity.

Some of FAG bearing cross reference we can supply are as below:

81212-TV   60 95 26             48 pcs in stock
81213-TV   65 100 27           36 pcs in stock
81214-TV   70 105 27           29 pcs in stock
81215-TV   75 110 27           34 pcs in stock
81216-TV   80 115 28           42 pcs in stock
81217-TV   85 125 31           30 pcs in stock
81218-TV   90 135 35            28 pcs in stock
81220-TV  100 150 38          35 pcs in stock
81222-TV  110 160 38           19 pcs in stock
81224-TV  120 170 39           48 pcs in stock
81226-TV  130 190 45           26pcs in stock
81228-M   140 200 46           33pcs in stock
81230-M   150 215 50          48 pcs in stock
81232-M   160 225 51           26 pcs in stock
81234-M   170 240 55           17 pcs in stock
81236-M   180 250 56           38pcs in stock
81238-M   190 270 62           25 pcs in stock
81240-M   200 280 62           41 pcs in stock
81244-M   220 300 63          38pcs in stock
81248-M   240 340 78          17 pcs in stock
81252-M   260 360 79          22 pcs in stock
81256-M   280 380 80          18 pcs in stock
81260-M   300 420 95          36 pcs in stock

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