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The Timken Bearing Interchange lists manufacturer’s part numbers, manufacturer name and the corresponding Timken part number.

• It is arranged in numeric-alphabetical sequence.
• Numbers are sorted ahead of letters in the same position; hyphens precede numbers or letters in the same position.
• Part numbers beginning with a number are listed in the first part of the book, part numbers beginning with alpha are listed in the second part.


• Characters are sorted from left to right, smallest to largest, A-Z.Example: 67791 precedes 679
• Where there are hyphens in the part numbers, the hyphen is sorted before a number or letter in that same position.
Example: 000-981-9905 precedes 009810680
• When part numbers contain both numbers and letters, the numbers are sorted ahead
of the letters. Example: 10526 precedes 105C

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