Timken Bearing Company has acquired sophisticated deep oil and gas drilling and refining products and services company BSI, which is a leading provider agreement.

Timken companies through mergers and acquisitions BSI company’s assets, the BSI will add to its value-added products specifically for a series of oil and natural gas customers in the steel product lines, which will further strengthen Timken boom in the development of the energy market status.

And in the Shengli Oilfield in the process of cooperation, we have further oilfield environment that can be said to be the world’s most demanding environment.the load bearing requirements and the requirements to seal a higher demand.the drilling for oil can provide more quality products.through cooperating with the BSI company.

Timken bearing relevant responsible person said that when mankind’s new energy reserves to explore further, more in-depth underground, we believe that we can join hands with our customers, combining the strength of the two sides can not be achieved alone seize development opportunities.

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