TDI bearings have one piece double inner and outer single and two races are generally provided with a spacer race outside as a pre-set assembly. The bearing can be used in fixed positions on the shaft rotation. Housing to run the application, it can be used for floating on the tree in the parking lot. TDI bearings are sometimes used on rotational axis applications where a loose fit is necessary in order to facilitate its removal.

Design Attributes

Double Cone and two cups single, with or without a cup spacer.
Furnished as a pair of reunion.
Cup field to adapt. 

Gear reduction units
Calendar rolls
The Industrial Machinery

The configuration of TDO provides a wide dissemination effective bearing, making it ideal for applications in moments of reversal that are an important component charge. TDO bearings can be used in fixed positions or allowed to float in the bore of housing.

Design Attributes

Double side and two single cones, with or without a spacer.
When struts are used on the east provided as a preset, with assembly.
Cup features groove and lubrication holes in the DOM.
Entretoise available with or without lubricant grooves and holes. 

Heavy, gear Discs
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TNA bearings are similar to the TDO, but the inner ring close faces are extended to abut and eliminate the need for an inner ring spacer. Comes with a built-in permission to give a normative, these bearings provide a solution for many fixed or floating bearing applications where simplicity of installation is necessary.

Design Attributes

Double side and two single cones.
Internal bearing control by extending the front face of cones to contact each other.
SW variation features a bore chamfers at the front faces of two cones to form a single groove lubrication.
SE has a variation backface coast to accommodate the design radial joined lip or the stamp of closure. 

Crane jets
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Applications where the two levels of line are pre-requisites