When refers to NSK rolling mill bearings, they mainly means angular contact ball bearings, four row cylindrical roller bearings, four row tapered roller bearings, two row tapered roller bearings. Now I will introduce all NSK rolling mill bearings to you separately.

NSK angular contact ball bearings used as thrust bearings for roll necks using four row cylindricals and having lighter load requirements. These bearings can only accept axial loads in one direction so they are used in sets of two with the contact angles diverging.

NSK four row cylindrical roller bearings as the most common type of NSK rolling mill bearings are also popular roll neck bearings providing several benefits. First, the inner ring is separable from the outer ring and rollers which allows the inner ring to remain with the roll during grinding processes. This assures precise concentricity and negligible run-out providing fo r high rolling accuracy. Secondly, this design allows for greater radial load carrying and higher operating speeds. Four row cylindricals require a thrust bearing which is usually a two row taper, angular contact ball bearing, o r a deep groove ball bearing depending on the thrust load present.

NSK four row tapered roller bearings are very popular fo r use on roll necks. Most of these bearings are composed of two double cones (four Inner ring raceways), a cone spacer, two single cups (one at each end), one double cone (the center two raceways in the outer rings), and two cup spacers. They are very effective at operating under heavy radial and axial loads at low to moderate speeds.

NSK two row tapered roller bearings are very common as the back-up thrust bearing in a rolling mill o r as the roll neck in lighter duty rolling mills. Two row tapers are designed in a variety of styles fo r different applications. Converging bearings (TDI,TDIE,TDIS) consist of one double cone and two single cups possibly with a cup spacer. Diverging bearings (TDO,TDOD,TDOC) consist of two single cones, a cone spacer, and one double cup.

The following are some of NSK rolling mill bearings most saleable in the international market:

100 140 20 7920A5 48 pcs in stock
100 140 20 7920C   42 pcs in stock
100 150 24 7020A   23 pcs in stock
100 150 24 7020C   25 pcs in stock
100 180 34 7220A   34 pcs in stock
100 180 34 7220B   53 pcs in stock
100 180 34 7220C   32 pcs in stock
100 215 47 7320A   41 pcs in stock
100 215 47 7320B   30 pcs in stock
105 145 20 7921A5 29 pcs in stock
105 145 20 7921C   23 pcs in stock
105 160 26 7021A   24 pcs in stock
105 160 26 7021C   28pcs in stock
105 190 36 7221A   29 pcs in stock
105 190 36 7221B   34pcs in stock
105 190 36 7221C   29 pcs in stock
105 225 49 7321A   35 pcs in stock
105 225 49 7321B   26pcs in stock
110 150 20 7922A5 32 pcs in stock
110 150 20 7922C   27 pcs in stock
110 170 28 7022A   26 pcs in stock
110 170 28 7022C   38pcs in stock
110 200 38 7222A   27 pcs in stock
110 200 38 7222B   29pcs in stock
110 200 38 7222C   28 pcs in stock
110 240 50 7322A   23 pcs in stock
110 240 50 7322B   39pcs in stock
120 165 22 7924A5 19 pcs in stock
120 165 22 7924C   19pcs in stock
120 180 28 7024A   28 pcs in stock

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