The SKF carb bearings including C30 series,C41 series,C22 series,C32 series, C40 series and C31 series.other small size ,SKF  bearings Product data such as C23 series C49 series C59 series C69 series.we will introduce to you in other articles.

When we select SKF carb bearings,we will concern the SKF CARB toroidal roller bearings Axial displacement.

CARB toroidal roller bearings can accommodate axial displacements of the shaft with respect to the housing within the bearing. The axial displacement can result from thermal expansion or deviations from determined bearing positions.

The axial displacement from the normal position of one bearing ring in relation to the other is limited by

– the displacement of the roller set, or by 
– the reduction of clearance.

The maximum possible axial displacement is obtained from the smaller of these two limitations.

Misalignment as well as axial displacement influences the axial positions of the rollers in a SKF CARB bearing. Axial displacement also reduces the radial clearance. SKF recommends checking that the axial displacement is within acceptable limits, i.e. the residual clearance is great enough, and that the rollers do not protrude outside the side face of a ring or contact any locking ring or seal. To accommodate the displacement of the roller and cage assembly, provide free space at both sides of the bearing as described in the section “Free space at the sides of the bearing” .

As the Distributor of SKF in China,We supply Some of carb bearings C41 series,C22 series and C32 series stock list as bellow:

SKF-code    Diameter     Stock list
C 4120 V    100     42pcs in stock
C 4122 V    110     38pcs in stock
C 4124 V    120     26pcs in stock
C 4126 V    130     24pcs in stock
C 4128 V    140     52pcs in stock
C 4130 V    150     27pcs in stock
C 4132 V    160     48pcs in stock
C 4134 V    170     46pcs in stock
C 4136 V    180     24pcs in stock
C 4138 V    190     42pcs in stock
C 4140 V    200     18pcs in stock
C 4160 MB    300     10pcs in stock
C 4188 MB    440     5pcs in stock
C 4192 M    460     5pcs in stock
C 41/500 K30MB    500     2pcs in stock
C 41/600 K30MB    600     1pcs in stock 
C 2220 K    100     48pcs in stock
C 2222 K    110     46pcs in stock
C 2224 K    120     44pcs in stock
C 2226 K    130     42pcs in stock
C 2228 K    140     40pcs in stock
C 2230 K    150     10pcs in stock
C 2234 K    170     10pcs in stock
C 2238 K    190     10pcs in stock
C 2244 K    220     10pcs in stock 
C 3224 K    120     15pcs in stock
C 3232 K    160     15pcs in stock
C 3236 K    180     10pcs in stock
C 2318 V    90     40pcs in stock
C 2319 V    95     38pcs in stock
C 2320 V    100     32pcs in stock
C 2326 V    130     20pcs in stock
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