SKF bearings manufactures many types and sizes of cylindrical roller bearings. The majority bearing a row with cage. The roller bearings (sans cage) in one or two rows for general applications are also in the range of SKF standard. The bearings cage with a high load capacity radial and admit high speeds. Roller roller suitable for very high radial loads at moderate speeds.

The rolls are a key element within the cylindrical roller bearings SKF. Their geometry, also called logarithmic profile, ensure optimum allocation of constraints at the contact areas inside rotation. Their surface condition promotes the formation of a lubricant film and correct the rotation rolls. Compared with conventional designs, they provide a more reliable operation and are less sensitive to defects alignment.

The range of cylindrical roller bearings SKF includes executions following basic:

–  skf Single row cylindrical roller bearings in a row, with cage, mainly types NU, NJ, NUP and N
–  skf Double row cylindrical roller bearings in two rows, with cage, mainly types NNU and NN
–  skf Multi-row cylindrical roller bearings in several rows, with cage
–  skf Single row full complement cylindrical roller bearings in a row joined, mainly types NCF and NJG
–  skf Double row full complement cylindrical roller bearings joined by two rows, mainly type NNF
–  skf Multi-row full complement cylindrical roller bearings joined by several rows, four or eight rows of rollers

The full range SKF cylindrical roller bearings also includes:

– Cylindrical roller bearings in a row of high-precision, 100% steel or hybrid,
– Cylindrical roller bearings with two rows of high-precision, 100% steel or hybrid,
– Sets-bearings and cylindrical roller bearings for axle box rail
– Cylindrical roller bearings in a row for traction engines and railway applications,
– Cylindrical roller bearings several rows open or protected for rolling mills,
—Bearing materials for cold mills at six-cylinder,
– Combinations bearing thrust for continuous furnaces.

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