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SKF single row tapered roller bearings,covering the popular sizes of metric bearings manufactured to ISO 355:1977 and inch bearings which follow the ANSI/ABMA standard 19.2-1994, can be divided into the following types:

Bearings for general use
SKF single row tapered roller bearings for general use, including SKF bearings to Q specifications, have been optimized with regard to sliding contact surfaces of the guide flange of the inner ring, roller end faces, raceway contact profile.

Besides, highly accurate manufacturing processes make adjustment of the bearings against each other more reliable, which dramatically improves performance especially during the very first hours of operation.

High-perfo rmance bearings manufactured to the CL7C specifications
SKF single row tapered roller bearings produced to the CL7C specifications are intended for bearing arrangements supporting heavy axial loads, for example, gearbox pinion bearing arrangements.

These bearings, which are mounted with preload, have special friction characteristics, higher running accuracy and higher axial load carrying capacity to provide a constant, accurate mesh. In contrast to the bearings for general use, CL7C specification bearings can be adjusted to within narrow limits using the frictional torque method, which considerably simplifies the adjustment process.

With CL7C specification bearings there is practically no running-in wear. As a hydrodynamic lubricant film in the roller end/flange contacts is established from the outset, there is virtually no loss of preload and the preload can be maintained at a constant high level throughout operation.

Bearings with a flanged outer ring
Certain sizes of SKF single row tapered roller bearings are also available with a flange on the outer ring (fig). Bearings having this external flange can be axially located in the housing to provide a simplified, more compact bearing arrangement. The housing bo re is simpler to produce, as no shoulders are required.

Some of SKF single row tapered roller bearing we can supply in stock are as following for reference:
343.154 450.85  66.675  LM361649 A/610   19 pcs in stock
346.075 488.95  95.25   HM262749/710      12 pcs in stock
355.6     482.6     60.32   431884 A            17 pcs in stock
360        480        76          32972               11 pcs in stock
360        680        165        332302             23 pcs in stock
380.1    480         50         BT1P380-332420   12 pcs in stock
381       479.425 49.213  L865547/512           21 pcs in stock
384.175 546.1   104.775 HM266449/410      13 pcs in stock
403.225 460.375 28.575  LL566848/810/HA1 10pcs in stock
406.4   508     61.912  L467549/510                19 pcs in stock
406.4   549.275 85.725  LM 567949/910/HA112 pcs in stock
406.4   574.675 76.2    EE285160/226   17 pcs in stock
406.4   762       180.975 H969249/210   12 pcs in stock
415.925 590.55  114.3   M268749/710   21 pcs in stock
430.212 603.25  76.2    EE241693/375   11 pcs in stock
431.8   571.5   89.694  BT1B328284/HA1   14 pcs in stock
431.902 685.698 177.8   BT1B332900   11 pcs in stock
447.675 635     120.65  M270749/710   13 pcs in stock
457.2   573.088 74.612  L570649/610   17 pcs in stock
457.2   603.25  85.725  LM770949/910   11 pcs in stock
457.2   615.95  85.725  LM272235/210   21 pcs in stock
457.2   660.4   91.28   EE737181/260/VQ601 10 pcs in stock
460     860     210     332304A   10 pcs in stock
479.425 679.45  128.588 BT1B332529/HA1   11 pcs in stock
479.425 717.55  136.525 BT1-8003/HA1   9 pcs in stock
480     950     240     332263    12pcs in stock
482.6   634.873 80.962  EE243190/250   5 pcs in stock
488.95  634.873 84.138  LM772748/710/HA1 9 pcs in stock

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