The standard range of SKF tapered roller bearings in a row covers bearing metric sizes in accordance with ISO 355:1997 the most common and also includes bearings dimensions in inches meet the ANSI / ABMA 19.2-1994. This range is divided into three categories

– Bearings for general use,
– High-performance bearings manufactured in accordance with the specifications and CL7C
– Bearings with an outer ring collared

For montages bearings who work in particularly difficult environments, for example with a lubricating oil heavily contaminated, in the presence of high operating temperatures or heavy loads déformantes, SKF can provide tapered roller bearings that resist particularly well to ‘wear. Further information can be provided upon request.

The tapered roller bearings SKF for general use, including SKF bearings conform to the specifications Q, have been optimized at:

– Contact surfaces sliding of the bride guidance of the inner ring,
– Faces rolls, and
– Profile contact bearing.

Besides,manufacturing processes extremely precise adjustment ensure more reliable bearing in opposition to performance considerably increased, particularly during the early hours of service.

Specifications CL7C
The tapered roller bearings SKF manufactured according to specifications CL7C suitable for mounting under heavy axle loads, such as pine nuts montages of attack. These bearings, which are fitted with pre-present feature of friction forces, an accuracy of more frequent rotation and a load capacity exceeding axial to allow the maintenance of a specific engagement.

Unlike the bearings for general use, bearings as specified CL7C can be resolved extremely simple and narrow limits using the method of friction torque.

The wear is related to running with virtually no bearings as specified CL7C. A film lubricant hydrodynamics is formed at the end of roller contacts / shoulder. There is therefore no loss of pre-and it can be maintained at a high level throughout the period of operation.

All bearings manufactured according to specifications CL7C are bearing the classroom performance SKF Explorer.

Rolling with collar on the outer ring.Some dimensions of tapered roller bearings in a row SKF are also supplied with a collar on the outer ring (Fig. 3). The bearings that have shouldered the outside can be fixed axially in the housing for mounting a simpler and more compact. The manufacture of the bore of housing is easier since no shoulder is required.