SKF tapered roller bearings have various types and sizes to suit a wide variety of applications. These can be classified as follows:

– single row tapered roller bearings
– paired single row tapered roller bearings
– double row tapered roller bearings

– four-row tapered roller bearings.

SKF tapered roller bearings have the logarithmic contact profile that provides optimum stress distribution over the roller/raceway contacts. With tapered inner and outer ring tracks, tapered rollers are arranged in the SKF tapered roller bearings. The guide flange with special design of the sliding surfaces and large roller ends considerably promote lubricant film formation in the roller end/flange contacts,which not only increased operational reliability but also reduced sensitivity to misalignment. In addition,if the conical surfaces were extended, the projection lines of all the tapered surfaces converge towards the same point on the axis of rotation. Their design is particularly suitable for the modulation of combined (radial and axial)loads. The axial charge capacity of the bearings,to a huge extent, is determined by the contact angle α; the larger α , the greater the axial charge capacity. What’s more,the α is ralated to an important calculation factor e which indicating an order of magnitude for this angle: the larger the value of e, the higher the contact angle,at the same time ,the higher the axial loads eligible capacity.

Stock bearings SKF–Some SKF tapered roller bearings of 302 series we could supply in stock are as bellow:

30204 J2/Q  20  47  15.25    124pcs in stock
30205 J2/Q  25  52  16.25    32pcs in stock
30206 J2/Q  30  62  17.25    24pcs in stock
30207 J2/Q  35  72  18.77    45pcs in stock
30208 J2/Q  40  80  20.38    610pcs in stock
30209 J2/Q  45  85  21.03    22pcs in stock
30210 J2/Q  50  90  22.09    67pcs in stock
30211 J2/Q  55  100  23.62   240pcs in stock
30212 J2/Q  60  110  24.3    107pcs in stock
30213 J2/Q  65  120  25.96   36pcs in stock
30214 J2/Q  70  125  26.25   67pcs in stock   
30215 J2/Q  75  130  28.06   34pcs in stock   
30216 J2/Q  80  140  29.25   13pcs in stock   
30217 J2/Q  85  150  31.4    37pcs in stocks
30218 J2      90  160  33.56   33pcs in stock
30219 J2      95  170  35.5    120pcs in stock
30220 J2    100  180  37.7     21pcs in stock
30222 J2    110  200  42.08    85pcs in stock
30224 J2    120  215  44.6     13pcs in stock
30226 J2    130  230  44.95    70pcs in stock
30228 J2    140  250  47.86    31pcs in stock
30230        150  270  52.22    61pcs in stock

Above on only list one series of SKF tapered roller bearings in stock, just like what we said above ,not only can we supply SKF tapered roller bearings of 302 Series,but we can supply many other SKF tapered roller bearings series in stock for best price.Send inqury to us if you need any kind of SKF tapered roller bearings.