Comparing with other NTN official distributors, we can provide more competitive price, more comprehensive range of NTN bearings.The following are some of NTN bearings in stock at best price:

6818 ZZ—100 PCS
6918 ZZ—260 PCS
6018 ZZ—90 PCS
6218 ZZ—150 PCS
6318 ZZ—40 PCS
6819 ZZ—88 PCS
6919 ZZ—26 PCS
6019 ZZ—95 PCS
6219 ZZ—36 PCS
6319 ZZ—195 PCS
6820 ZZ—286 PCS
6920 ZZ—111 PCS
6020 ZZ—123 PCS
6220 ZZ—200 PCS
6320 ZZ—10 PCS

We honestly welcome friends all over the world to send inquiry to us if you are interested in the above listed bearings. Looking forward to hearing from you.