I will introduce some NACHI bearings to you today.Below listed are the ones in our stock at best price.

7213CYDU/GL P4———-12pcs
7005CY P5—————–18pcs
7006 (MY)——————25pcs
7017 (MY)——————-21pcs
7017CY P4——————-10pcs
7017CY P5——————-36pcs
7018 (MY)——————–51pcs
7018CY P4——————–9pcs
7018CY P5——————–13pcs
7019 (MY) ——————–56pcs
7019CY P4———————48pcs
7019CY P5———————19pcs
7020 (MY)———————-29pcs
7020CY P4———————-30pcs
7020CY P5———————-81pcs
7214CYDU/GL P4—————22pcs
7215CYDB/GL P4—————-36pcs
7215CYDB/GL P5—————-49pcs
7215CYDU/GL P4—————-73pcs
7216CYDB/GL P4—————–62pcs
7216CYDB/GL P5—————–10pcs
7216CYDU/GL P4—————–34pcs
7216CYDU/GL P4—————–12pcs
7217CYDB/GL P4——————44pcs
7217CYDB/GL P5——————50pcs
7217CYDU/GL P4——————85pcs
7218CYDB/GL P4——————-17pcs
7218CYDB/GL P5——————-22pcs
7218CYDU/GL P4——————-30pcs

We sincerely welcome you to contact with us if you want to purchase original NACHI bearings,no matter how many pieces you need,which country you are , we will do our best to satisfy you and quote you the best price. Hoping to hearing from you soon !