BenMao BRG Bearing is an authorized distributor in Asia-China, Who has been dealing in bearings for years. Since it’s start in early 90’s, China BRG Bearing has always insisted on providing high quality bearings with world first class service.

BenMao BRG Bearing has grown into a big enterprise from a small company in the twenty years’ development. There is four branch companies in China and we are going to set up a branch office in Hong Kong. Customer first has always been our principle since foundation, and quality of our bearings is concerned at all the time.

BenMao BRG Bearing supplies a large variety of bearings in all types, size, styles and from most major manufactures such as SKF Bearings, FAG Bearings, TIMKEN Bearings, NSK Bearings, INA Bearings, NACHI Bearings, KOYO Bearings, NTN Bearings, IKO Bearings, NADELLA Bearings, KOMATSU Bearings, CAT Bearings, NMB Bearings, TWB Bearings, THK Bearings, ASAHI Bearing, SMS Bearing, VOLVO Bearing, GMN Bearing, MRC Bearing, RHP Bearing, DODGE Bearing, New Energy Vehicles Bearing,etc.

For ball bearings, spherical roller bearings, single row ball bearings, needle bearings, linear bearings, slewing supporting bearings, high-temperature bearings, stainless steel bearings, ceramic ball bearings, high precision terminal bearings, printing machine bearings, low temperature bearings, high-speed bearings and friction types, you will find only a few items in stock.These bearings in tolerance P0,P3,P4,P5,P6. Besides, we also have a world-wide locating service for those hard-to-find bearings.

And all the bearings above are assured to give you the best price. Our bearings are exported to countries and regions in Europe, such as UK, France, Italy, Germany, Turkey; North America, Such as USA,Canada; Oceania such as Australia, New Zealand; the Middle East Such as Iran, Lebanon; South East Asia Such as Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapopre; Africa Such as Egyptand,South Africa. Our objective is to satisfy our customer’s demands by proving high quality products with the best price and first class service.

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